• Bill Hader is the dancing queen

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    This is important


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    Obit of the Day: The Creator of Slush Puppie

    Over a six-pack of beer Will Radcliff, his sister Phyllis, and their mother Thelma, tried to come up with a name for a new frozen drink that Mr. Radcliff wanted to sell. Sitting on the front porch of their Cincinnati home, the Radcliffs wrote down names on a brown paper bag. When they finished, “Slush Puppie” was the consensus choice - and for millions of children history was made.

    Mr. Radcliff had discovered a company that manufactured “slush” drinks, which was nothing more than a drinkable snow cone. Although the beverages had a history dating back to the 1950s, no one had successfully marketed them. (ICEE and Slurpee were invented in the 1950s and 1960s, respectively, but were made with carbonation so they are slighlty different.)

    Happening upon a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of the slush machines, Mr Radcliff decided to re-brand the drinks and distribute them nationwide. With $970, “[b]ecause that’s all I had,” Mr. Radcliff began creating a network of Slush Puppie distributors across the United States. 

    Originally available only in cherry, grape, orange, and lemon-lime, as of 2014 Slush Puppies are available in 41 flavors including cotton candy, mango, and kiwi-strawberry. 

    Slush Puppie was a hit and sales doubled every year after the product was introduced to the public in 1971. By the late 1990s, Mr. Radcliff oversaw a Slush Puppie empire that had 160 U.S. distributors as well as 65 others in countries such as Greece and Saudi Arabia. The company was purchased from Mr. Radcliff in 2000 by Cadbury/Schwepps for $16.6 million, and later purchased by ICEE Co. 

    Will Radcliff, who drove around in a car with the license plate “I SLUSH,” died on September 18, 2014 at the age of 74.

    Source: LA TimesCincinnati Enquirer (1998 article), slushpuppie.com, BBC Newsfoodbusinessnews.net, and Wikipedia

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    Loved a good Slush Puppie

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    Ren Rox

    Are these double exposed flower textures? They look lovely.

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    Deep sea ‘mushroom’ may be new branch of life

    A mushroom-shaped sea animal discovered off the Australian coast has defied classification in the tree of life.

    A team of scientists at the University of Copenhagen says the tiny organism does not fit into any of the known subdivisions of the animal kingdom.

    Such a situation has occurred only a handful of times in the last 100 years…

    The authors of the article note several similarities with the bizarre and enigmatic soft-bodied life forms that lived between 635 and 540 million years ago - the span of Earth history known as the Ediacaran Period.

    These organisms, too, have proven difficult to categorise and some researchers have even suggested they were failed experiments in multi-cellular life…

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    The abstract to the paper:

    Dendrogramma, New Genus, with Two New Non-Bilaterian Species from the Marine Bathyal of Southeastern Australia (Animalia, Metazoa incertae sedis) – with Similarities to Some Medusoids from the Precambrian Ediacara

    A new genus, Dendrogramma, with two new species of multicellular, non-bilaterian, mesogleal animals with some bilateral aspects, D. enigmatica and D. discoides, are described from the south-east Australian bathyal (400 and 1000 metres depth). A new family, Dendrogrammatidae, is established for Dendrogramma. These mushroom-shaped organisms cannot be referred to either of the two phyla Ctenophora or Cnidaria at present, because they lack any specialised characters of these taxa. Resolving the phylogenetic position of Dendrogramma depends much on how the basal metazoan lineages (Ctenophora, Porifera, Placozoa, Cnidaria, and Bilateria) are related to each other, a question still under debate. At least Dendrogramma must have branched off before Bilateria and is possibly related to Ctenophora and/or Cnidaria.Dendrogramma, therefore, is referred to Metazoa incertae sedis. The specimens were fixed in neutral formaldehyde and stored in 80% ethanol and are not suitable for molecular analysis. We recommend, therefore, that attempts be made to secure new material for further study. Finally similarities between Dendrogramma and a group of Ediacaran (Vendian) medusoids are discussed.

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    The paper brings attention to AlbumaresAnfesta and Rugoconites from the Ediacaran.


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    Twitter detective finds Philadelphia men responsible for hospitalizing gay couple

    An anonymous Twitter user became a hero this week by solving the case of a brutal, homophobic gang assault on a young gay couple in Philadelphia that left the two hospitalized.

    On the night of Sept. 11, the couple was cornered, verbally harassed and beaten into the hospital by a dozen or so “young, clean-cut” and apparently very drunk white men and women in their early 20s. As the pair were attacked, the gang repeatedly jeered them as “faggots” and even stole one of their wallets. NBC News reports that the couple’s resulting injuries were gruesome

    Twitter to the rescue

    Job well done. Thanks to FanSince09. Haha those fuckers. I think it’s also funny is that the first person you can identify is probably the guy in the pink charlie sheen shirt. 

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    An Army of Giant African Pouched Rats Are Clearing Mozambique’s Minefields

    Land mines, unexploded artillery shells and cluster munitions are every bit as effective during peacetime as they are during war. An estimated 72 countries around the world are still affected by them, and their proliferation throughout former war-torn countries continues to reaphorrific consequences on rural communities from South East Asia to Angola.

    “The socio-economic impact of land mines and unexploded munitions are huge. These things massively block economic development, and poor people in remote areas are continuing to suffer because of them,” says Tekimiti Gilbert, head of mine action for the de-mining NGOApopo.

    “The knowledge of a single mine in the area is enough to stop locals using that land out of fear. Most of these communities survive on subsistence farming. They’re dependent on that land for agriculture, animals, and forestry—even getting firewood for their homes. And the further you move out of cities, the greater the land mine problem becomes.”

    Fortuitously, Belgian-born Zen Buddhist and founder of Apopo, Bart Weetjens, has pioneered a new approach to detecting and eradicating land mines; he’s using rats—hulking, cat-sized rats who’ll go to insane lengths for a slice of avocado. And who, along with other de-mining NGOs and the British Government, are pushing to make Mozambique a mine-free country by late 2014.

    “Some people are thinking of this idea as crazy,” he laughs in a heavy Belgian accent. “But for me, connecting the dots between rats and mine action was an alignment of the constellations.”


    Jeeps, I want one of those rats. I bet their smarter than most lap dogs.

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    ayam cemani

    That is pretty awesome. 

  • James Dean photographed by Dennis Stock in his NYC apartment.


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    Bill Hader, photographed by Jai Odell for INTERVIEW, Sep 2014.

    Gots to have mad respect for the Mr. Hader.

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