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    when your family makes fun of something you’re passionate about and then claim they were ‘just teasing’ image


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    - Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue; October 13, 2014

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    Well played.

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    Tommy, 26, is currently the central figure of a historic legal battle. He’s also a chimp.

    Can a chimpanzee be considered a person? In Tommy’s case, a New York state court holds the answer.

    Tommy is a 26-year-old chimp being held in a cage in a New York warehouse. While that’s allowed under animal rights laws, lawyers for the Nonhuman Rights Project say that Tommy’s cognitive abilities make him eligible for personhood, meaning he could be considered wrongfully imprisoned.

    It’s a tough sell for the courts | Follow micdotcom

    He should definitely have a right to trial.

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    NASA Injects New Funds Into Search for Origins of Life

    Life is all around us, on Earth. But what about elsewhere in the Universe? We know there’s an abundance of life-giving chemicals out there, but what conditions are required to spark life as we know (and don’t know) it? Probably most importantly, if we did find extraterrestrial life, how would we recognize it as such?

    In a new round of funding announced on Monday, NASA is allocating $50 million to 7 astrobiology research groups in the US to tackle these questions. Learn more

  • Ello Today, But What About Tomorrow?



    A new social network to take on Facebook and Twitter seemingly hits the scene each week, at the least. But few capture people’s attention like Ello did last week.

    Ello launched in April as a social network whose pitch was that ads suck and privacy rules. Then last week the company revealed that 31,000 people were requesting invites to Ello each hour, and its profile ballooned.

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    This is what I’m talking about. I have some friends involved in this. I’m sure it’s going to take off. Can’t wait.

  • Bill Hader is the dancing queen

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    This is important


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    Obit of the Day: The Creator of Slush Puppie

    Over a six-pack of beer Will Radcliff, his sister Phyllis, and their mother Thelma, tried to come up with a name for a new frozen drink that Mr. Radcliff wanted to sell. Sitting on the front porch of their Cincinnati home, the Radcliffs wrote down names on a brown paper bag. When they finished, “Slush Puppie” was the consensus choice - and for millions of children history was made.

    Mr. Radcliff had discovered a company that manufactured “slush” drinks, which was nothing more than a drinkable snow cone. Although the beverages had a history dating back to the 1950s, no one had successfully marketed them. (ICEE and Slurpee were invented in the 1950s and 1960s, respectively, but were made with carbonation so they are slighlty different.)

    Happening upon a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of the slush machines, Mr Radcliff decided to re-brand the drinks and distribute them nationwide. With $970, “[b]ecause that’s all I had,” Mr. Radcliff began creating a network of Slush Puppie distributors across the United States. 

    Originally available only in cherry, grape, orange, and lemon-lime, as of 2014 Slush Puppies are available in 41 flavors including cotton candy, mango, and kiwi-strawberry. 

    Slush Puppie was a hit and sales doubled every year after the product was introduced to the public in 1971. By the late 1990s, Mr. Radcliff oversaw a Slush Puppie empire that had 160 U.S. distributors as well as 65 others in countries such as Greece and Saudi Arabia. The company was purchased from Mr. Radcliff in 2000 by Cadbury/Schwepps for $16.6 million, and later purchased by ICEE Co. 

    Will Radcliff, who drove around in a car with the license plate “I SLUSH,” died on September 18, 2014 at the age of 74.

    Source: LA TimesCincinnati Enquirer (1998 article), slushpuppie.com, BBC Newsfoodbusinessnews.net, and Wikipedia

    (Slush Puppie logo, circa 1980s, courtesy of onceuponageek.com)

    Loved a good Slush Puppie

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    Ren Rox

    Are these double exposed flower textures? They look lovely.

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